What is Book It Direct for suppliers?

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BookItDirect is an experience booking platform exchange designed specifically to put you back in control. Our users trust us to aggregate the best experience providers while connecting them directly to their provicer. We are committed to helping experience providers grow their business organically and develop one-on-one relationships with their customers. When you list your experiences on BookItDirect, you will attract more customers that YOU control yourself.

Key Features of BookItDirect

Customers Love to Book Direct!

Customers worldwide love to support local businesses like yours, and BookItDirect makes it easy. Here's why customers love the platform:

Better Value

Customers know that when they book directly, experience providers can afford to give them even better experiences for the same price or lower.

Better Customer Service

Customer service through middleman agencies is a nightmare. Customers would much rather work with you directly to get their questions answered and needs met.

Easy Comparison

BookItDirect offers customers the "one-stop-shop" experience they've come to expect, allowing them to compare experiences and offers in their area.

Direct Payment to Experience Providers

Customers know their money is going directly into your pocket. That gives them the satisfaction of supporting local businesses!.

We Work with the Best

There are no re-sellers allowed on our platform, and we work with experience providers who have great reputations. Customers know our platform is full of providers they can trust..

Why is Direct Business Valuable to You?

Third-Party Booking

  • Wait 30 to 60 days to receive your money
  • Can't provide customer service to YOUR customers
  • Can't price lower on your own site
  • Reviews are property of the booking platform
  • Fixed, inelastic pricing models
  • Resellers can crowd the market
  • Can't follow up with your customers

BookItDirect Booking

  • Get paid right away
  • Provide customer service yourself
  • No pricing controls
  • Reviews are your property
  • Enjoy elastic pricing, bids, and custom offers
  • Never deal with a reseller
  • Follow up with your own customers


Unlike other distributors, BookItDirect doesn't hold on to your money. When a customer books through our platform, our payment processor allows them to deposit directly into your own account. Your company will even show up on their billing statements! After the transaction is complete, we start a separate transaction that debits your credit card to obtain our fee. By prioritizing the immediacy of your transaction, we can better protect your cash flow.

A shared platform means more web traffic, which helps us rank on search engines. Plus, our site has strong SEO, which means it ranks even higher, and converts even more visitors into paying customers. Customers know who you are, and are always free to book through your website.

No! Although competitive prices will help you succeed on our platform, we never request that you change the way your business runs off of BookItDirect.
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